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Horrible Finance Decision When You Plan For Your Honeymoon

Every newlywed have their dream vacation and some fall into the trap of spending beyond their means just to fulfill this dream. Let's face the fact, this is a debt-ridden generation and almost everyone has the ability to put something on credit. But have anyone ever asked, should we?

Clearly, easy credit has blurred the line between the wants and the need and many of us no longer have the ability to make a good judgment when merchant are actively reducing the friction to make a purchase. 1 simple tap and you charge the purchase to your credit card.

I understand that this honeymoon is special, but then again every honeymoon is special. Personal loan, travel loan is something that sounds like a good idea in the spur of the moment but that is just kicking the can down the road where you get to enjoy your honeymoon now and slave for next couple of months or worst YEARs to pay it off.

While credit instruments are easily available and do have it purpose if it is taken with proper care and planning. Here are some of the real NEEDS that a personal loan in Singapore can be used for:

Basically, personal loans in Singapore are charged higher interest rates compared to other secured loans. This is because you do not need a collateral and the payment plan has a short duration. On an estimate, the interest rate ranges from 9 to 18%. When applying for this unsecured loan, the bank never asks you what you are going to spend the money on. But most applicants use it for personal use. It is important to remember that this is a loan and it has to be serviced in due time to avoid being auctioned by the bank or any step that is taken in case of defaulting according to the terms and conditions. Therefore you should use your personal loan in the best way possible. How?

Pay your Debts

This is among the smartest ways of using this loan. Pay your credit card bills, utility bills and other debts. When your pay your debts in one monthly installment for the full amount, the interest rate drastically drops becoming a plus on your side as compared to the usual interest rate. This is a great way to save while relieving yourself off financial struggles and the agony of living in debt.

Improve your Home

How about taking a personal loan in Singapore to make an investment that is long-term? If this is done in the right way, the loan becomes a good debt because it should yield oversized returns. The logic is you need to be getting more money compared to the amount you are borrowing. Choose to renovate your home. By this you are increasing your home’s value and if you were to put it on resale immediately, it would cash in more than what you spent. Do the necessary refurbishment, upgrades, landscaping, repainting, and adding appealing fixtures. It is better than spending the loan on to buy a new home or house and then servicing the loan becomes hectic.

Go for Studies

A personal loan can be used to further your studies or improve your career path. Much of investing in yourself, upon completion your qualifications increase and can make a great difference in your income. Sometime in can be twice or thrice higher. If you can take up short courses that are relevant in your field of work or attending boot camps, your CV markets you and increases your chances of getting lucrative deals. This is an even better way to pay back the loan in case you land a good job immediately after school.

Boost a Stable Business

If you are a business person, taking a personal therein to invest and expand a stable business is a great way to use personal loans. This means that the stability of your business can be a source to service the loan while still having improved your business maybe through generating more revenue or increasing the profit margins. This needs to be handled carefully by first doing a market research and checking for the viability of the business in the next three or four years. Otherwise, it might be a bad option if you do not plan properly.

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